Hello… Welcome to Animas Wine & Spirits!

I’d like to invite you to visit our north valley location, right next to PJ’s Gourmet Market at Trimble Crossings (Dalton Golf Exit). We are proud of our store, and I’d like to tell you just why that is…

When you walk into Animas Wine & Spirits you’ll immediately be struck by the vast selection of over 1200 wines, along with our distinctive, selective Port section.

You’ll also discover a vast collection of the finest and rarest of Tequilas and single malt Scotches with the best of premium Vodkas to Caribbean Rums, Gin to Cognacs.

Find an outstanding assortment of many other types of Liquor and Spirits from around the world, including a tremendous stock of imported beers from around the planet, unique national and local microbrews, along with your favorite classics.

I’ll guarantee you that you’ll also discover prices that are more than competitive! I look forward to seeing you in the store soon, spending some time learning about your personal interests and working with your special requests.

Until then… the Very Best in Spirits!

Joe Leder

Animas Wine & Spirits